Why are my Gums Bleeding

Bleeding gums while brushing or eating? Don't ignore this symptom. It has long been known that the condition of the oral cavity affects the condition of the entire body. It turns out that bleeding gums may be the result not only of pathological changes in the oral cavity itself, but also a sign that something bad is happening in your body.

Why do gums bleed?

One-off bleeding gums may be the result of poor toothbrushing technique or the selection of the toothbrush itself. Too strong and energetic brush movements lead to damage to the gums, as does using a manual toothbrush with too hard bristles. Dentists recommend using toothbrushes with medium-hard bristles, while people with sensitive gums can use those with soft bristles.

How to avoid too strong brush movements? The ideal solution to the situation will be to purchase an electric or sonic toothbrush, which is equipped with appropriate operating modes and can inform us when we press the head of the toothbrush too hard. But what if mechanical injuries are not the cause of bleeding gums?

Bleeding gums – causes worth remembering

Bacteria are often responsible for bleeding gums. Their excess leads to the formation of dental plaque, which in turn may turn into tartar. Lack of oral hygiene or inappropriate frequency and/or technique causes bacteria and food remains to remain between the teeth, leading to the formation of plaque and tartar. Redness and swelling of the gums, pain while eating or brushing teeth – these are just some of the symptoms of gum inflammation. They should not be ignored because if left untreated they can lead to periodontitis.

Blood from the gums is also one of the first symptoms of periodontitis, i.e., periodontitis. It is a disease that affects the gums and tissues around the teeth. As it progresses, the dental necks become exposed, and the teeth become loose. Lack of response and treatment may result in tooth loss. It is worth adding that problems with bleeding gums may be a symptom of other diseases. What?

Blood from the gums and vitamin deficiencies

Both bleeding gums in children and adults can be caused by food deficiencies. We are talking about deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in the body, e.g. vitamins C , K and D , or iron . Blood appearing from the gums may indicate anemia, diabetes, coagulation disorders or liver problems. In some cases, the cause of bleeding may be medications taken, cancer or genetic predispositions that increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Raging hormones cause major changes in the body, which pregnant women know perfectly well. They also very often complain about problems related to oral diseases, including bleeding gums. Smoking and… stress may also be responsible for blood appearing from the gums. When the immune system is weakened, it is easier to catch any infections.

If you notice your gums are bleeding, pay special attention to brushing softly at least twice a day and flossing every day. If the problem doesn’t go away, it is best to visit your dentist for an examination and cleaning as soon as possible.

Are Bleeding Gums Serious?