Billing, Insurance & Financial Information

Traditional insurance is welcome and accepted at our practice. As a courtesy to our patients, we will gladly file all insurance claims on your behalf.


Dental insurance does not typically cover all your treatment needs, and is designed to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, not eliminate them. This means there will be some out-of-pocket expense that is expected at the time of service. Insurance providers determine the reimbursement level, and there is no regulation to determine their reimbursement amount. Furthermore, insurance companies are not required to disclose how they determine these levels. Lastly, insurance companies do not guarantee payment on claims and have the right to make payments on their estimation of “Usual and Customary Rates.”


Our business team will help you navigate and file your insurance claims to help you maximize your benefits. We will track and follow-up on delayed claims, as well as provide dental X-rays and written diagnostic reports should your insurance company have questions about our services provided. We do file claims online which will help to expedite the process.


Please provide our staff with your insurance information when you call our office so that we can alleviate the hassle of dealing with the insurance companies. Also, please bring your identification card and your insurance card to the office when you come in for your visit.


Flexible Payment Options:


We offer another option for extended payment plans through CareCredit.


For your convenience, payments may be made with personal check, cash, Visa, Discover, Mastercard. If you have any questions, please ask our team.

Specialized Services PerioImplant Associates Provides

Dental Implants

Restore your natural smile so you can bite, chew, and speak normally.

LANAP® Laser Surgery

A more comfortable treatment option for procedures involving hard or soft tissue.

Cosmetic Periodontics

You may have a gummy smile because your teeth appear short when you smile.

Implant Dentures

Stabilized with tiny titanium posts that allow the dentures to snap securely into place.

Gum Recession

Consistent check-ups will help you prevent gum recession and help identify risk factors.

Full Mouth Implants

Traditional dentures can become unstable, inconvenient, and even uncomfortable.

Periodontal Maintenance

Dental treatment that includes regularly scheduled dental cleanings.

Sedation Dentistry

A relaxing and stress-free experience when you are receiving dental treatment