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SimPlant is an advanced software program that aids PerioImplant Associates in performing guided implant surgery. By using a combination of 3-D cone beam scans and digital impressions, we create a custom guide specifically designed for just your unique anatomy. This guided surgery is beneficial in assisting with a number of different dental implant options. The Simplant system helps us perform and deliver predictable 3D implant treatment solutions, delivering the successful prosthetic restoration results as we designed in your personal treatment plan and what you can also expect.

Dr. Lusby Explaning How a Dental Implant Works

We are proud to have a well-educated, patient-minded staff

We specialize in the treatment of gum disease, cosmetic gum procedures, implant replacement of single or multiple missing teeth by both conservative and surgical methods. We make every attempt to make you as relaxed and comfortable as possible, as we know that going to the dentist, or dental specialist like a periodontist, may not be easy for you. We are proud to have a well-educated, patient-minded staff that will allow for a great experience for you.

The Benefits of the SimPlant Treatment

Simplant guides take Simplant diagnostics to yet another elevated dimension. Custom-designed Simplant guides provide PerioImplant Associates a seamless link between your dental implant planning and the actual treatment. With the flexible Simplant Guide options, we can personalize and perform the following surgical dental implant techniques for you with the utmost confidence:


  • Tooth-supported- For single tooth and multiple missing teeth cases when minimally invasive surgery is desired and preferred.
  • Bone-supported- For partially or completely missing teeth cases when increased visibility is quite beneficial.
  • Mucosa-supported- For completely missing teeth cases when minimally invasive surgery is preferred.
  • Reduction guide- Can be ordered in conjunction with the bone-supported Simplant Guide for bone reduction procedures.
  • Immediate Smile- Soft tissue healing can begin immediately after your surgery using Simplant Guide and a patient-specific Atlantis abutment.

When we are considering a digital treatment platform for a cutting-edge dental procedure, three essential benefits come to mind for both you and us with SimPlant treatment planning solution: connectivity, precision, and efficiency. SimPlant is a comprehensive 3-D system for extremely accurate and predictable implant treatment, from the initial diagnostics to your personalized treatment planning, your surgery to the final restoration.

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Our goal is to get you back to smiling and chewing with confidence. With our qualified staff and compassionate team, we will listen to your questions and desires to find the best solution for your dental health.


PerioImplant Associates has over 40 years of high quality Periodontal and Implant therapy in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area

Quality patient care is the keystone of PerioImplant Associates. We strive for the highest quality in patient care with the most up-to-date techniques and technology. The team at PerioImplant Associates create treatment plans based on your specific needs to help treat and cure your disease, which will help lead to a better quality of life.

Adding SimPlant to An Oral Procedure

  • Delivering restorative driven implant treatment- Simplant solutions are cost-effective, quite user-friendly, and uniquely compatible with the brands and equipment that the dental industry already knows and uses. This advanced computer guided implant treatment is compatible with over 10,000 implants from over 100 different brands, as well as all compatible CT scanners and major optical and intraoral scanners. From dental scanning and planning, to drilling and implant placement, to temporary restorations delivered prior to surgery, Simplant offers PerioImplant Associates a comprehensive 3D system for predictable implant treatment.
  • Excellent results rely on precision planning- Combining a CBCT and a digital impression with Simplant Planning Service, available anytime and anywhere, we can review and adjust your plan to get your desired implant into the perfect position. To give us the accuracy we require for turning the virtual into a true reality, we can add a fully patient-specific Simplant Guide that puts us in total control. We enter your data into the digital implant workflow, empowering us with the tools we need to easily plan and safely execute your surgery, Simplant Planning Service offers us a smooth entry into the arena of successful implant treatment, as well as facilitating more complex cases. An integral part of SimPlant’s digital implant workflow, we can rely on a proven solution to improve your oral care. It puts us in total and confident control of your implant planning treatment plan.
  • Surgery with guided precision- The Simplant Guide is our link between the digital treatment plan in Simplant and your surgery. Precise planning and implant placement enables minimal invasive treatment, which will reduce the time you spend in the dental chair. Gives confidence to both PerioImplant Associates and you and it brings surgery and your restoration to a new level. You can be treated in one single treatment session and leave with an expertly planned restoration.

Our Specialists Tell Our Story Best

Ramsey Burton, DMD

Dr. Ramsey Burton is originally from Nashville, TN. He received both his undergraduate and doctorate degrees from the University of Louisville. Following dental school, he completed periodontal specialty training at the University of Kentucky.

Courtney Shearer, DMD, MS

Dr. Courtney Shearer was born and raised in Louisville, KY. She attended Washington and Lee University for her undergraduate degree. She then attended the University of Louisville School of Dentistry where she received her Doctorate in Dentistry.

Jodie Lusby, DMD, MSD

Dr. Jodie Lusby is a Board Certified Periodontist and grew up in Florence, KY. He attended the University of Kentucky where he received his biology degree and graduated Magna Cum Laude. He then attended the  Louisville School of Dentistry.

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Our business team will help you navigate and file your insurance claims to help you maximize your benefits. We will track and follow-up on delayed claims, as well as provide dental X-rays and written diagnostic reports should your insurance company have questions about our services provided.

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Our entire team at PerioImplant Associates has one primary focus, and that is to deliver the best results for you. It can be natural and normal for you to be apprehensive or anxious about visiting a family, or even a dental specialist such as a periodontist. Understanding anxiety around dental care, we will always take our time in explaining the benefits of your procedure that is being proposed for your dental health. Both offices, Louisville, KY, and New Albany, IN, are trained to address all dental care issues and concerns. We will share the aspects and benefits of your periodontal treatment, introduce the members of our team, and explain any general office policies. Call us today about an evaluation for a possible SimPlant procedure for you. Each of us will greet you with a smile and send you home with a healthy restored smile of your own that you will be eager to share.