Occlusal /Bite Adjustment in Louisville, KY & New Albany, IN

Occlusion or bite adjustment is a term that means how your teeth in the upper and lower jaw fit together. When you close your mouth, each arch, should make contact at the same time. When some of your teeth make contact first, before the others, this is called a malocclusion. If left untreated, a malocclusion can result in additional pressure being placed on those teeth, which can result in more issues over time. If you have a malocclusion, you could be a viable candidate for an occlusal or bite adjustment, a dental procedure that is designed to realign your bite. The treatment will lessen the strain on the bone, jaw joints, and relieve those teeth of excess pressure.

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Are You a Candidate for Bite Adjustment?

When you close your mouth, your top teeth and bottom teeth should come together at the same time. A malocclusion is considered an imperfect bite that can cause serious concerns over time if left uncorrected, due to the extra pressure on the teeth that come together first.


You might be unaware that a dental issue you are dealing with is the result of malocclusion. Some of these disorders or symptoms include:


  • Tooth or jawbone pain
  • Bone or gum recession
  • Missing teeth
  • Chipped, cracked, or damaged teeth
  • Nerve or muscle damage
  • Teeth grinding, or bruxism
  • Tooth sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures
  • TMJ temporomandibular joint issues
  • Damage to your dental restorations

The Procedure for an Occlusal Analysis

During your occlusal analysis, PerioImplant Associates will check for the following symptoms which might require an occlusion or bite adjustment treatment:


  • Disharmony- The failure of tooth surfaces of both arches to align properly.
  • Prematurity- The contact of the teeth from both arches occurring before your jaw is closed.
  • Interference- Contact altering or inhibiting the desirable contact between your teeth.
  • Trauma- In some situations, the contact of the teeth can be off axis resulting in tissue damage.

These issues can have serious side-effects which can lead to extreme discomfort which might include:


  • Serious headaches or migraines from bite pressure issues.
  • Spasms in the muscles or joints of your face, jaw, or neck.
  • Cosmetic and appearance issues that affect your smile and hamper your self-confidence.

If an occlusal analysis exposes issues with your bite, we might recommend an occlusal or bite adjustment. There are different treatments for improving occlusion, and PerioImplant Associates will select the treatment best suited for your specific issue.

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Bite Guards and Other Occlusal Treatments

In addition to our in-office occlusal adjustment, we might recommend the use of a bite guard, mouth guard or similar appliance. These devices will help prevent teeth grinding and other damaging habits and can prevent you from clenching your jaw and increasing the tension in the jaw joint.


A bite guard is specifically created to ensure a perfectly tailored treatment. This treatment option is recommended for a patient of any age. Our professionally fabricated dental bite guards are created at our lab from the impressions we have taken. We can use either digital 3D images or traditional impressions to ensure the guard is created specifically to fit your bite, customize it, and then fit it perfectly for your maximum comfort. A bite guard can help prevent headaches in the morning. In some cases, PerioImplant Associates may recommend you wear the bite guard during the daytime, to help train your jaw to stay in a relaxed position.


An occlusion or bite adjustment might come from repairing broken, cracked, or chipped teeth. Sometimes old fillings need to be replaced because they are affecting the harmony of your bite. Dental crowns can be added to add depth to a tooth, and dental fillings can reshape chipped teeth.


Orthodontic correction might be suggested to realign or reposition your teeth to meet properly. If small corrections are needed, the treatment may be accomplished in a matter of months with the latest in tooth alignment techniques. Talk with PerioImplant Associates about whether orthodontic correction would help realign your teeth for a better bite.

The Occlusal and Bite Adjustment Procedure

In most cases, your bite can be readjusted by carefully removing excessive tooth structure to allow your teeth to contact properly. This treatment is simple and will not require any anesthesia. PerioImplant Associates will remove microscopic layers from certain teeth, staying away from any nerve endings, and will check frequently during the procedure to see if your teeth come together correctly after being reshaped.

The Cost of Your Bite Adjustment Treatment

The cost of your treatment for your occlusal or bite adjustment will vary depending on your individual needs and your treatment plan. We will discuss with you the cost of your occlusion or bite adjustment treatment and each of your available payment options before we begin, so we can guide you to make the best choice for your situation.

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