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If you or a family member are experiencing swelling, pain, or bleeding in your mouth you might have a dental emergency that requires immediate attention. Some periodontal emergencies are urgent and require prompt care while others can wait a few days for a scheduled appointment. At PerioImplant Associates, dental emergencies usually involve your gums more than your teeth. To help guide you through your dental discomfort, we have listed below some common periodontal emergencies and whether you should seek urgent care or to schedule an evaluation.

Dr. Shearer Explaining Potential Periodontal Issues to a Patient

We are proud to have a well-educated, patient-minded staff

We specialize in the treatment of gum disease, cosmetic gum procedures, implant replacement of single or multiple missing teeth by both conservative and surgical methods. We make every attempt to make you as relaxed and comfortable as possible, as we know that going to the dentist, or dental specialist like a periodontist, may not be easy for you. We are proud to have a well-educated, patient-minded staff that will allow for a great experience for you.

Different Periodontal Emergency Situations

  • Do you have gum swelling- Gum swelling with or without pain can indicate a severe mouth infection. If that swelling is mild, you may need a periodontal evaluation for its cause. But if that swelling is severe or extends to your face, it is considered severe and needs immediate attention. Some causes of gum swelling include a gingival abscess, periodontal abscess, pericoronitis. A gingival abscess is when something foreign gets stuck under your gums. A scheduled appointment will suffice. A periodontal abscess is usually from the infection with severe gum disease. A scheduled appointment should work to remedy the situation unless there is facial pain and swelling. A pericoronitis is the swelling around a partially erupted tooth. The emergency here is again pain driven.
  • Do you have mouth bleeding- Bleeding gums are not normal yet happen frequently. Healthy gums should never bleed. While bleeding gums require a dental evaluation, most situations do not require emergency attention. However, if you have had a recent injury, or dental surgery, or are experiencing prolonged and severe mouth bleeding from reasons unknown, you should call PerioImplant Associates for immediate attention to stop the bleeding.
  • Do you have discomfort or pain- Common dental problems come with some level of discomfort or pain. In fact, cold sensitivity is quite common with periodontal patients. The severity of your pain determines whether you have an immediate dental emergency or a problem that can be addressed with an appointment. If you are experiencing pain, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever at home until your appointment. If your pain is intense, severe, throbbing, you need to call us to be seen immediately.
  • Are your teeth loose- Loose teeth can happen for several reasons such as from an injury or periodontal disease. If you have had an injury to a tooth, like biting down too hard or bumping a tooth accidently, you may have caused a temporary inflammation to the ligaments that support that tooth. The ligaments usually will heal on their own without specific attention. If the tooth movement persists for more than one week or is associated with swelling or pain, you should schedule an evaluation appointment. Usually, periodontal disease progresses slowly so you will notice a slow and deliberate change in tooth mobility. However, if you do have a serious periodontal abscess, the infection will cause swelling that will worsen the feel of any tooth mobility. If your teeth are progressively becoming loose, you should schedule a complete periodontal evaluation with PerioImplant Associates. But if your teeth suddenly become loose and you have pain or swelling, you need to seek immediate attention.
  • Have you experienced a dental injury or trauma- If you have fallen and injured your mouth, you might need to see PerioImplant Associates immediately especially if your teeth are loose or you have bleeding and swelling. Sometimes, injuries can wait for a next-day appointment while others may require an emergency visit. Either way, you should call us immediately after the injury for advice because some oral injuries can be serious without symptoms. If you have injured a tooth and it is severely loose or has been knocked out, you need to contact PerioImplant Associates immediately for care! It is important for you to know that mild dental pain or inflammation can lead to more severe issues that may require emergency care. One of the best ways to avoid emergencies is to make sure to keep your regularly scheduled appointments and report any issues to us at your visits.

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Our team at PerioImplant Associates has one focal point, and that is to provide you with the best service possible. It can be completely natural for you to be anxious or nervous about a dental emergency, visiting a general dentist, or even a dental specialist such as a periodontist. Embracing that perception, our entire team will always take our time in explaining the benefits of the procedure that is being proposed for your dental health. Both offices, Louisville, KY, and New Albany, IN, are extensively trained to address all oral health issues and concerns. We will share the aspects of periodontal treatment, introduce our staff, and explain any general office policies. Call us today about an evaluation for a discuss regarding emergency periodontal care for you. We will always greet you with a smile and send you home with a healthy smile of your own that you will be eager to share.