Periodontal Treatment

What is periodontal disease? 

Quite simply, periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that can have far reaching consequences.  Typically, the sticky film on our teeth called plaque begins to harden into a porous substance called calculus, or tartar.  If not removed by consistent and thorough brushing and flossing, plaque starts to creep under the gum line.  This process causes the gum to pull away from the tooth, resulting in infected pockets that can lead to deterioration of the jaw bone and even tooth loss.  Studies show that periodontal disease has an adverse affect on your total body health.

There are several options available to treat periodontal disease depending upon the severity and advancement of the condition.

Evaluating your needs

1. Initial Examination
-Review general health and treatment history
-Thorough and painless examination
-Check teeth for movement and bite
-Take full mouth x-rays to evaluate bone loss
-Evaluation of your oral hygiene techniques

2.  Treatment Options
-Following your exam, we will discuss the extent of your gum disease, its causes and appropriate treatment.
-In all cases, treatment plans will be discussed in detail with you and your general dentist

Benefits of periodontal treatment   It's human nature not to appreciate what we have until we don't have it! Just think what life would be like without being able to eat normally, or the embarrassment of having to continuously hide your smile.  We want to help you not only maintain, but also improve your oral health functions and the aesthetics of your smile.  What would it be like to...

»Have fresh breath?

»Retain your natural teeth? 

»Feel younger and look youthful?

»Eat the foods you enjoy?

»Have confidence in your smile and speech?

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