Bone Grafting

The facts about bone grafting

Bone grafting may sound intimidating, but the goal behind it is simple. The grafting procedure adds bone where you may not have enough bone to support teeth, a dental implant or a dental appliance like a denture. 

The most common reason for bone grafting is to create bone that was lost from wearing a denture or partial for many years. Over time, the pressure of the dental appliance can cause you to lose bone, resulting in the need for multiple relines and adjustments of your appliance. Eventually, if you have lost too much bone, grafting must be done. Bone grafting is also recommended for:

  • Dental implant placement, if you don’t have sufficient bone to support an implant
  • Tooth support, if you’ve lost bone due to periodontal disease

The grafting material can be bone taken from your own body, but that creates an additional surgery site for you. More commonly, allograft bone is used. Allograft bone is human or animal bone that has been treated in a laboratory. It is easily available, doesn’t require an additional surgery site and has a great record of safety and effectiveness.

Once the allograft bone is placed by your Louisville dentist, your own cells will migrate into the material and replicate your bone within the allograft matrix. The result is the creation of more of your bone support, right where you need it. Typically the procedure has minimal downtime, between one and two days. The discomfort is minimal and can be relieved by icing the area and taking over-the-counter pain medications.

If you are receiving dental implants, a new denture or a partial, you need a firm supportive foundation of bone to protect your investment. If you’ve lost bone due to periodontal disease and are in danger of losing a tooth, you can create a firm bone support with bone grafting. It’s just like building a strong, supportive foundation for a house.

For more information on bone grafting procedures, please call PerioImplant Associates at (502) 897-9417.

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